BC Boilers is committed to quality service and dedicated customer-care both for pre-sale and post sale service to its clients. The company provides divergent services both for commercial as well as the industrial sector.

The industrial needs catered to by our expert boiler services include: light industrial, heavy industrial and commercial needs.

The boilers installation and services are performed by our expert team comprising of mechanical engineers and highly trained fitters. We provide both installation of boilers and piping in the industrial and commercial domain as well as servicing of boilers. The boiler services include the repair as well as maintenance procedures for any boilers.

Our services are not merely confined to the installation of boilers. We also provide post-sales services and back up with a strong customer support system to assist you at every step.

Types of Services

  • Water Heater Installation
  • Boiler Services
  • Cleaning
  • Gas, Steam and Pipe Fitting and Repair

Water Heater Installation

Water heater installation is an important and primary aspect of every water heater and boiler services. Loopholes in the proper installation can result in energy loss and heavy costs which needs to be repaired. Therefore, proper installation of water heaters should only by the best contractors in the market. BC Boilers provides the finest water heater installation to its clients. We also provide water heater delivery and disposal of old water heater, installation by well-trained service engineers and licensed contractors.

Boiler Services

BC Boiler provides comprehensive boiler services to its clients comprising of boiler repair, boiler rebuild and boiler maintenance. Over a period of time, boilers need proper care and repair by industry experts well-versed with industry boiler maintenance. We provide due assistance and service in maintenance of the boilers through regular checks and quality servicing without fail. We provide you with same day, swift and impressive boiler services with no complaint guaranteed.


Fireside and waterside cleaning of boilers are essential for peak performance. We can provide maintenance contracts for your business to ensure boiler efficiency and reliability.

Gas, Steam and Pipe Fitting and Repair

Apart from boiler installation, BC Boiler also specializes in providing installation services for Gas, Steam and Pipe fitting in the industrial and the commercial sector. BC Boiler provides quality repair services of damaged pipes, valves and similar connections.
Pipe installation services provided by BC Boiler includes installation of high quality and durable cast iron, copper, plastic, rubber and steel pipes for long-lasting and highly resistant industrial utilization.
We provide professional, easy and quick pipe installation and efficient pipe repair service to our clients to ensure smooth industrial functioning. You can count on us on any kind of installation and repair in relation to boilers, water heaters, spares, maintenance, cleaning and post-sales services.
Annual Inspections performed with the B.C. Safety Authority.

We provide boiler installation services exclusively for the more complicated industrial and commercial sectors. Hence, the boilers require regular cleaning service. For long term maintenance and a longer life for your industry boilers, we provide professional cleaning services to our clients.