New Installations

BC Boiler provides new installation services to cater to the industrial and commercial needs of its clients. We understand the needs and requirements of our clients and provide boiler installation at industry standard and affordable price range.

Our team of expert service engineers and licensed contractors ensure proper installation of new boilers in industries and commercial set ups. Our installation is not halted at any point for any reason. We provide complete and customer-oriented service to our clients. Along side, we also provide commissioned servicing to our clients in order to ensure a longer life for boilers. Proper servicing also helps our clients in indirectly inducing cost-cutting and becoming a more economical enterprise.

The effective and professional installation services followed by our team of expert industry service engineers aids in improving the productivity of any commercial or industrial set up and also reducing heavy costs.

Along side new installation service provided to our clients, we also ensure that they get added advantage for working with us.

Providing training and troubleshooting tips to our clients to reduce unwanted downtime.